Saturday, December 19, 2009


Life has been crazy the past week. I went from no job to two and its just pretty awesome. Thursdays are long days for me. Yesterday was my first long day working two jobs. It will only be once a week but 20 hour days are a lot for me.

Thursday I was up at 7am getting ready for work at the cafe. I worked the cafe from 9am-2:30pm and then made my way home. I made something to eat and got ready to go to the other job. Everything takes an hour by train (or just under or over). I started work at the bar at 6pm and didn't get home until after 3am. Ugh. What a day! And Ill do it again every Thursday for the next few months at least.

I love being busy and having things to do. The cafe is the best job I think Ive ever had. I like people. I like coffee. My boss is rad (read: fun, encouraging, positive, not an asshole). My co-workers seem cool too.
They have moved me up to the register and setting up drinks which I really like.

As much as it sucks sometimes, I do really like working with the the public. People are fun and interesting for the most part.

Other than that my life doesn't consist of much. I got to spend Wednesday at the spa! A full body massage, steam room, sauna, etc. I wish I could go every week! I also got an iphone that day. I'm having trouble figuring out how to use it but I'm sure it will come with time. For the most part I love it. I haven't had an ipod since I was in India so I can finally listen to music again!

Yesterday I ended up spending all the money I made at the bar the night before. I need more work clothes and had to go grocery shopping. :(

Today is a lazy day. The weather forecast says there is a high of 29 degrees and a 100% chance of snow by 3pm today. I'm not a big fan of the snow but I maybe this year it will put me in a Christmas spirit...

Oh yeah and before I forget, here is a photo of the current me. I gave myself bangs (fringe)... Its been a few days and I think I like them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a week! Life just keeps getting better and better and better!

Let me start with home life: I have moved into an apartment that Im not totally excited about but it will do for now. My roommates had a party last night and despite two of them being straightedge, I came home to beer bottles/cans everywhere but it wasn't out of control so I don't mind too much.

But with this also comes with good news! A friend called me last night while I was out studying to tell me that he is moving back to Oakland and his room will likely be opening up in the next two months! This is a place I would love to live in. Punks, vegans, cheap rent, loft space, creative roomies, shows, etc. It would still be in Bushwick, which I hate, but much much better than here and I already know the area. So, yay, I am happy about that.

More good news: I got a job, two in fact. I never really had a job at the bar until this past Thursday. I am now on the schedule for every Thursday for the next month. I will also be working Christmas Eve, day and day after. So if you're going to be in New York and want to come visit me at the bar you totally can!

The other job, the one I am super excited about, is with Stumptown Coffee. So far its been the best job ever! Training is mostly hanging out, drinking espresso and various forms of coffee extractions and talking about it! There is a little more work involved than that but its still super fun. I can be a huge nerd about things like this and so my research and studying have been excessive.

Because of this new job, I have decided not to start school in January. It just doesnt make sense anymore. Stumptown is the kind of place I could stay for a very long time. They take care of their employees and there is a lot of room for growth and opportunity. I can definitely see myself staying for a long time. So EMT school is out for now. I still want to go back to a university but that will have to wait until the fall at least.

I got a new computer recently. I love it. Its a brand new MacBook Pro.

There have been a million other little things that have made me happy the past few days too but I cant remember them all and they aren't really that important.

What is important is that I have the two major hurdles to moving cleared: a place to live and a job. Now I just need to work on a social life and Ill be set!

As much as I would love to continue this little update, I have to leave for work soon (what a great feeling after so long...). For now I will leave you with a photo of my work attire... Its not a great one but I think you get the idea.


Friday, December 4, 2009


I have had a whole week of amazing awesomeness! So much so that I don't even know where to start...

Well, Thanksgiving was great. I got to spend the better part of a week with great friends, eating great food and just enjoying life. Who could ask for a better holiday!

We had a huge dinner for the holiday. Everyone helped out and we ended up with way too much food, all of which was vegan and tasty! Tofurkey, Field Roast, sweet potatoes, dressing, vegan mac n cheese, vegan meatloaf, garlic and kale, pot pie and so much more. I thought I would explode by the end!

People doin stuff:

Other events from my week in DC included a Drank Party, thrift store shopping, watching football, baking, dessert potlucks, shopping, over eating and shows. Some friends of mine played a show on Sunday night that was amazing. You should go listen to The Ambulars (I dont know how to to the link thing so here: ). My favorite song is Lighthouse. Even if I didn't know these kids personally I would still be excited about the band.

I saw this on the side of a bus and thought it was just silly.

I came back to New York very late Sunday night for a date to the opera. It was wonderful and I got to get all dressed up and have a fancy night out. The show was a work by Mozart called Le Nozze di Figaro. It was at the Metropolitan and to top it off I got to sit in the grand tier (It means I had one of the best seats in the house). I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to go again soon! I thankfully remembered to snap a photo just before running out the door.

My week only got better when I received a text telling me I had a place to live. I moved in two days ago. Its been nice having a room but things are tense and awkward with the new roomies. I thought they would be rad because they are young and vegan and straightedge but they eat tons of shitty food and invite their friend over to get drunk... its just weird. The girl who lives here also brought a cat home the other day. I'm not really into pets right now and I really hope she doesn't want me to have any part of its care. I don't even want a litter box in the bathroom because if she doesn't clean in then Ill have to smell it and I didn't bargain for that.... Whatever, it will be fine.

On the up side I have a bedroom. And a temporary bed until mine arrives next month!

I started working on my cross stitch again! I hope to finish it soon because I need to send it to my friend. Im sure he is wondering where his surprise is!!! This is what I have done so far.

Its about 30 hours of work so far, its extremely detailed. I have another three left and then Ill have to frame it and ship it down!

Ive also started working on letters to pen-pals. I like to include little trinkets in them so if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know!! I like homemade or personal things. Ive had a lot of suggestions for gift cards but its just not the feeling I'm going for.......

So far my list is:
Handmade Bookmarks
Teas/ Coffee
Chocolates/ Candy
Coins/ Currency
Pens/ Stationary
Dried Flowers/Leaves/Bark
Bubble Prints
Handmade Cards/Envelopes

I'm finally reading again too! A friend let me borrow Watership Down and I am very excited about it. Its kind of like LOTR but with bunnies. I'm not very far into it but I like it!

Tomorrow I'm going to the museum, I'm not sure which one just yet but it should be fun. I alway enjoy going to the museum. And I have nothing planned for Sunday. Probably just another lazy day at home with my book. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too Far.

There is no easy way to say this so Ill just go ahead and throw it out there: I am out of control and I have no idea how to get back to where I need to be.

Before you panic Ill say that its probably not nearly as bad as it sounds but I am ashamed of my behavior. I lost control drinking the other night. I dont really know what happened and I dont like that. This along with many other decisions I have made in the past few months has lead me to this conclusion.

I do not want to be a part of a culture that promotes that behavior and so I am stepping back and re-evaluating my life. Its disgusting to think that I had to be babysat and that I cant remember what I did. I do not like people like that, I do not want to be one of them, and I am making the decision not to be one.

What I need right now is stability and I dont have it. Im struggling with the adjustment to being in once place all the time and not being able to just walk away anymore.

It hard to shift from one life style to another and I know its going to take time. I feel like a teen again trying to figure out who I want to be and where I fit in everything.

So long story short: I need to apologize to a lot of people for my behavior and I intend to, very soon. I will no longer be consuming alcohol until I feel I have a handle on my life and actions.

In lighter news, I have been working on my cross stitch a lot. Its close to half finished. I should have it done in the next few weeks if all goes well!

Trey and I went to the movies the other day. We saw Where the Wild Things Are. I have to say that I was extremely disappointed! Aesthetically it was pleasing but other than that it was terrible!! Lack of story and a horrible message to children! The whole movies was pretty much about an abusive character who manipulates people and resorts to violence when he doesnt get his way and everyone is supposed to forgive and love him anyway! What the fuck kind of message is that for kids?!?!?! GRRR....

I have a job but it doesnt start until the end of the month. I need to figure out an income in the mean time but that shouldnt be too difficult!

New York is wonderful. I really like being here but Im eager to start school now. Im ready to be busy again with productive things not just killing time socializing.

Im losing a lot of weight but it seems to be healthy weight. Id be happy to keep the pounds I have but since that doesnt seems to be an option anymore......

So, I cant say how long Im going to keep this up. I feel strange keeping a blog now but if I feel inclined I will.....

Also, Ill have a camera again soon so if anything, youll get pictures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"And You've Changed Some"

Its been a while. Over a month. Almost two....

Life is very different these days. I dont really know what else to say other than that. My days of travel are over and for now I am thankful.

What does life have in store for me? I have no idea. Well, thats not entirely true. I have a few ideas but we all know that that doesn't mean anything to me. Im still wanting to go to EMT school in January. That would be nice. I like learning skills. Ill travel again soon, dont doubt that for a second. But for now Im focused on settling into a life and nesting for a bit.

I like New York. It seems to suit me well. I am always busy here. Always. It seems that a day doesnt go by where I dont have a hundred things to do. Im comfortable with that because otherwise Im pretty sure Id be depressed.

But anyway, thats my life now. I live in Brooklyn. Im trying to find a place to live "long term" and I just got a job. I want a second job because I like being busy and because it wont pick up to full time until December.

So much has happened in the past two months and now Im drawing a blank and have nothing to talk about.....

Ive decided (again) what I want tattooed on my chest. Thats the big thing now, I guess. Once I have excess money lying around Id like to do that but that wont be for months. And Ill probably change my mind again before then. I have to help my mom pay for the whole staph infection thing and get settled here anyway.

Im picking up my camera from the shop tomorrow. I got it fixed so there should be pictures to come. Im considering doing the 365 project that tons of people are doing. I cant commit to every day though. I like once or twice a week better. Could be a good way to document my life now.

More than most other things Im thinking of and looking forward to nesting. Its silly, I know but I haven't been able to for so long! I want to have a kitchen stocked full of bulk foods: beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal...etc. And to have another sour dough starter.... I keep thinking about how I want my room to look. Sparse. Just a bed, table, lamp, dresser and maybe a book shelf. Im over having stuff. My vice is clothing and I know this but outside of that, books and maybe a computer for convenience, I dont want or need anything. A good cross stitch is nice too though. (god, listen to me! Im like and old woman...ugh)

I havent been taking good care of myself lately. Stress does that to me. Ive been drinking far too much soya milk and today I finally noticed what it does to my body. Ive lost weight but my boob have gotten bigger because of the estrogen. Oops. Ill have to work on that. I like bigger boobs but not if its at the risk of being unhealthy.

Halloween was ok. I ended up dressed as a cultural stereotype and felt somewhat uncomfortable about that. I was supposed to be a mime because my original costume fell through. But it didnt work out and I just looked like a French girl. There are no photos to speak of. Sorry.

So thats life. Not terribly exciting.

I like this song. I always have.... Maybe you do too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Since we last spoke things have changed. As usual. I cant be relied on to make up my mind and keep it. I am the queen of changing plans.

The plan now is to move to New York. I have my reasons and it seems like a good idea at this point.

Im running out of money and I really dont want to be stranded in Cambodia or any other country in a few months. The west coast sucks and I think NY and I would get along well. I mentioned it a few times to people that I was thinking about it and the news has spread like wildfire.

So as of right now its official. Of course it could change, it is me we are talking about, but I dont see many other options on the horizon. I need to find a place to live and a job to hold me over, which shouldnt be too difficult, to make me feel secure.

The plan is to get a job and go to EMT school. I think Id be good at it and I can take it anywhere which is important for someone like me.

I was hoping to leave Portland September 30th to scout out the scene in NYC but I have instead come down with a nasty staph infection. Its in my face and its fucking disgusting but there isnt much I can do at this point. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and now Im covered in hives. Sexy. But whatever. It will go away in a few days and I can go back to my normal activities. It looks much worse than it really is.

Its been a boring few week outside the infection. I went to the beach for a day. And met my mom on Mt. Hood while she was camping but other than that its mostly been all about drama, illness, fixing bikes and watching DS9.

Ive watched about 20 hours of Star Trek. Cant complain. I love DS9.

I was supposed to get tattooed today but cant because of the staph so Im hanging out with my mom instead.

As always I have pictures to share but Im lazy and dont feel like dealing with uploading them. Maybe soon...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DC was a blast. It was so great seeing so many wonderful people and getting to spend quality time with them. I made Indian food one night and hung out with everyone all together. A lot of my relationships have changed in the course of the past eight months but most were for the better. I made a lot of friends as well and Im always happy about that. I also watched the entire first season of True Blood. Vampires are so cool.

New York has been equally rewarding. Surprising, I know. While I haven't had enough time here to really get to know people I have seen some good friends, met people Id like to get to know better and eaten more vegan ice cream than I ever should have. Perfect if you ask me. As always I wish I had more time here but my life is all about moving and changing. Everything is temporary.

Tomorrow is my flight to Portland. Its been said a million times before and Ill say it again, Im nervous about going back. Things have changed a lot and Im not sure what it will mean for my time there. I have plans to see friends in Seattle and possibly SF but if I cant take it after the "family camping trip" Ive decided Ill make my way out to the East Coast again.

I am a fickle lady. Being back is messing with my mind and I don't know what I want anymore. Its great to have no obligation and to be able to do whatever tickles my fancy at any given moment but right now its a lot. Ive had a lot of fun so far and wish it could never end.

I have missed my friends and soon Ill realize how much I miss my family as well. This has put me into an existential crisis over my life.

What is more important to me: seeing the world and meeting new people? OR my connections with the people I care about?

I miss being known and knowing people. I miss having time and space to complete or work on projects. I miss making friends for more than a few days. I miss not lowering my standards for company because Im lonely (no one should assume this is them).

Dont get me wrong. I love traveling and seeing the world and Im no where near finished but maybe its time for a break. Who knows. Maybe in another week Ill change my mind again. Knowing me, that will be the case.

For now my excitement is getting the best of me. To see my family and friends and to shoot another SG set and to ride bikes...etc. etc. Yay!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Days Followed By A Bad Day

Since I last updated a lot of things have happened. I'm currently in DC after a weekend in Richmond. Its been really nice seeing everyone, making new friends, eating vegan food, hanging out and not stressing about things.

I am a little stressed today but its been a bad day so far. I have a really nasty ear infection right now. My left ear has been bleeding the past two nights and the lack of health care coverage here has made it difficult to get it treated. Its now spread to the other ear and I may have a slight sinus infection to go with. Sexy.

Today was spent searching for the clinic so I can get this shit taken care of. Joanna came with me for moral support and company. We walked all over trying to find the place and ended up at the drug rehab center. Oops. I finally found the clinic but they cant see me until tomorrow. Bummer. I hope my ears don't bleed again tonight.

On the way back from the clinic I found myself confronting a very large man on the street. I'm thinking I should probably be more intimidated and afraid of people than I am. I have become somewhat aggressive with age and its bound to get me into trouble one of these days.

The asshole checked me on the sidewalk. I didn't do anything to him he just felt like being a racist dick and proceeded to push me over and say something about my being a stupid white girl. My hot temper gets the best of me. I wanted to smash the glass bottle I had over his face.

I have no patience and I feel like people are just pushing me to see how much shit Ill take before I snap. Its not going to be much more....I hate people.

But in lighter news, I spent the weekend in Richmond and had a great time. I made two pies while I was there and hung out with friends. I also went to something called "Best Friends Day." Not exactly my cup of tea but it was fun none the less. Lots of drunk punks in a dirty lake. My ability to be a social cameleon ensures that, while I am fake a lot of the time, I have a least a decent time no matter where I go. That being said, it was fun enough and I got to see Torch for a hot second.

But now Im back in DC trying not to punch people and to clean out my ears. Ill be here until Saturday morning and then Ill head back to NY for the rest of my time on the East Coast. Its a shame I have to leave so soon. I have some really great friends out here and its sad to be leaving them. Sigh. Some day Ill be good at goodbye, maybe.

I would be lying if I said that I was really excited about going back to PDX. Im more nervous than anything. Mostly because I dont know what the next four weeks will hold when I dont really know a lot of people there anymore. It will be wonderful to see my grandmother but strange when it comes to pretty much everyone else. My mother is dating a guy and now they live together with his two kids. I have no interest in being big sis to anyone. Most of my friends have moved away or the relationship has changed too much since the last time I was there.

Riding a bike is what Im really excited about. And catching up with an making new friends.

I havent taken any pictures of my time back in the states yet and I feel bad about it. Ive been trying to be better about it but sometimes I just get so caught up with hanging out and having fun.

For today, I have a few more errands to run while people are working. Saves the Day is the soundtrack to my day and Im totally ok with that. Makes me so sad and happy at the same time. Im hoping this whole ear thing wont cost me a lot so I can get a new ipod but Im not going to hold my breath on that.

Sorry Im in such a bad mood and not better at updating all of you. Its the first time Ive had the time to update since I got here and now Im grumpy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting to NYC

Oh my god. What a long series of craziness!

Ok. From the beginning. The journey to New York in total was going to be over 80 hours. Right from the beginning it was action packed! Well, not really. But some crazy shit did happen.

On the overnight bus from Pokhara to Sanauli, at about 2am, the bus tipped over. The roads in Nepal are pretty dangerous and narrow and sometimes there isn't enough space to pass one another. On a road that was bordered by one cliff and one hill, we were, thankfully, on the inside. The driver pulled over just a little too far and the wheels sank into the gutter. The bus tipped onto its side and was stuck. I wanst hurt, although a lot of people were. It took what felt like a life time to climb out onto the road.

So at 2am, in the middle of nowhere Nepal, six Nepalese men and myself went hitch hiking. Its totally normal and reliable form of travel there so we hopped onto the top of a lori and rode the rest of the way to the border. It was fun but nerve wracking because I kept thinking that if it tipped over too, it would be my end.

I reached the border of Nepal and India at about 6am. Woke up the immigration officer and after a 40 minute battle, he finally got out of bed and stamped my passport.

On to Gorahkpur. I had reserved a train ticket but, per standard Indian crap, when I gt the the station to pick it up I didn't actually have a place on the train. A 7 hour bus ride to Lucknow would remedy the problem and I could take an over night train from there. Simple enough right?

The bus to Lucknow ended up taking 10 hours. We got stuck in a major traffic lock, took a detour and ended up with our bus stuck in mud in some village somewhere. The only time I have ever thanked being a woman in India was when they told me that I didn't have to stand in knee high mud to help push the bus out.

I made it to the train station with only 10minutes to spare. Good God, it was stressful.

The train was posh though. 2AC with a bunch of women and chai and bed linens. I slept well.

I arrive in Delhi in the morning and spent the day napping, eating and wandering around the markets. I bought spice for Phil from a man who I chatted with and drank chai with for hours.

Later in the evening I went out to wander the bazaar at night. I stopped to buy bangles and talked to another man and his brother for two hours. They were Muslim and two of the nicest people in Delhi. They invited me to dinner with their family and to continue talking with them until I needed to leave for the aeroport. I accepted.

I forgot for that moment that Muslims eat a lot of meat and when I arrived for dinner was served Buffalo meat. oops. But, for me, it was a unique opportunity that probably wouldn't arise again. To avoid being rude I ate the meat and with the men no less. The women ate later in a separate part of the house and I was privilege enough to sit with them and see behind the burkas. Totally worth eating meat, even though it was nasty as hell, for the experience of a life time.

The eldest woman, I forget her name, invited me to her grandsons wedding. It is a great honor to have foreigners at weddings in India and since the family liked me and I them, she said that she would begin looking for a wife for her son and would have a big wedding next year. I agreed that if they boys emailed me and were serious about my coming back, I would be honored to be their guest.

Anyway, I left them to head out to the aeroport and to my wonderful surprise I found that the rickshaw drivers were on strike that day. Great. After an hour of bargaining and finding three British guys to go with we split the taxi for Rs. 800. (this was an outrageous price. Its four times what it should have been, even with four people. But they had wanted to charge me Rs. 500 on my own so...) There was a strike, what could we do?

At the aeroport, my bag was too heavy to check. I had to pack things with me and throw a few things away. I finally got on board and was finally off to Moscow. OMG!

Moscow was boring. The aeroport is lame, nothing there. I met a German girl who was just a doll. We have agreed to keep in contact and when Im back in Europe Ill have another person to go hangout with!

The 11 hour flight to NYC was just long and dull. I felt like it would never end and that I would explode with anticipation.

I kind of panicked upon arrival. I hadn't heard from anyone about a place to stay and couldn't get hold of Phil. It was all finally worked out and now I'm sitting happy in Brooklyn. Vegan dinner, a long sleep and a breakfast of bagels later and Im feeling relaxed. I just need a shower and to find a phone and everything will be complete!

Seeing Phil is just wonderful. I have missed him so much. And in a day or so, Ill head down to DC to see a few more people!

I still have pictures from Nepal to upload and all that but for now, Im just enjoying the fact that I can wear short shorts, eat western vegan food and fucking relax!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you open my magic box?

I dont really want to leave Nepal and go back to India. As much as I enjoy India, Delhi sucks and Nepali people are so much nicer. Its going to be a very long journey.

I leave tonight on an overnight bus to Sunauli, the border. Ill arrive at 5am, wait for the border to open and walk across to catch another bus to Gorakhpur. From there Ill get on a train. Its 16 hours by train from Gorakhpur to Delhi.

My flight out of Delhi is at 2am on the 18th. From Delhi Ill fly to Moscow where I have an eight hour layover. Then another flight to New York. Yuck.

10 hours to the border
3 hours from Sunauli to Gorakhpur
16 hours on a train to Delhi
7 hours flight from Delhi to Moscow
+11 hours flight from Moscow to NYC

Total: 47 hours of travel. This does not include wait time/layovers/ and the possibility that Ill be going directly from NYC to DC, which is an additional 4 or 5 hours.

But for right now Im still trying to enjoy what Pokhara has to offer. Im a little ill today because I accidentally drank too much last night and got locked out of my hotel in the rain. Thankfully I asked one of the guys I was hanging out with to walk me home and when I couldnt get in he invited me to take the extra bed in his room. It was essentially on the other side of Lakeside.

I fell asleep to him playing guitar and singing songe in Swedish. Haha.

But to explain my over consumption of alcohol last night: I have a magic box. Its a small wooden box that has to be opened a very specific way. Beer here is really expensive so as way of getting out of my bill for one beer, we told the bar owner that if he could open it we would pay for the beer and taxes. If he couldnt, he would give us free beer. Turned out he couldn't open it and instead of giving us one free beer eacg it was bottomless glasses of whiskey. Oops. It was fun and I didnt get too drunk but it was certainly more than Im used to drinking.

I love my magic box.

Before I went to meet the guys last night I stopped into a jewlery shop and ended up talking with two Muslim men for over an hour about Islam. Some of you know how fascinated I am with Islam so I was really excited to discuss the Quaran and the history of Isalm.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Craziest Week of My Life So Far!

Where to start? I always do this but this time its really difficult because there is SO much to tell. Ill just start from the beginning and forget what ever I already told. You can read it again, it wont kill you.

I left Jake at the train station in Varanasi on the 3rd. It was supposed to be an easy train ride north to Gorakhpur to catch the bus to Nepal. The trains in India are insane! I couldn't find the proper car or anyone to help me find it when I bumped into four British guys. They were also looking for the same car and were worried about missing the train. They took me under their wings and I went off with them to find my proper place. When we finally found it, it turned out I was sitting in a private compartment with six Indian men, alone. Andy came over to check on me a few times and told me to call if I needed anything. The men stared at me for almost an hour before they got bored and went to sleep.

The next morning, as we arrived in Gorakhpur I met three girls from Canada. I caught a bus with them to the border, thinking that the guys were headed somewhere else. But to my surprise, I found them at the border office as I arrived. They had somehow beat there!

We all decided to take a bus together to Pokhara and set off! It took 12 hours to get to Pokhara instead of six. We were all tired and hungry and thought it would be better if I stuck with them instead of wandering the streets alone. I shared a room with Max and the other three piled into another room. There I discovered that my ipod was missing. I'm pretty sure it was stolen. I thought I would be more upset than I am.... still, it sucks.

Our first full day in Pokhara was spent riding motor bikes around! It was so much fun and I got tons of great pictures from the back! The lake here is so beautiful and warm! We also visited the bat caves and I broke my second camera of the trip in there. Thankfully, the screen is the only broken part!

Another day in Pokhara was spent wandering around and taking it easy. We had a pick nick at the lake and went swimming with the local kids. It was good to rest up because the next day was our rafting adventure! The guys had run into a friend from home and invited him to come along on the raft. We were now a group of nine! And the boy/girl ratio balanced out a little!

The rafting trip was fun, even though I thought I was going to die. Id do it again in a heart beat!

We ended the rafting trip in the middle of nowhere just outside Royal Chitwan National Park and had to take a truck into town. They guys drank a whole bottle of whiskey on the way and were completely pissed by the time we got there. After my "near death experience" I wanted a drink and ended up pissed as well. But it was all good fun.

We went for elephant baths in the morning! I thought that riding an elephant would be cruel but when its to the river for a bath they love it! They go nuts for spraying people with water and playing and splashing. I had such a fun time but ended up really dirty because of it. We even got a ride back to the hotel after the bath.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out and nursing hangovers and making plans for trekking. Two of the girls had to head back to Pokhara and couldn't go trekking so we had to say goodbye. I was sad to see them go and will have to make a trip to Cambridge to visit next year.

The trek was so crazy and amazing and exhausting and wonderful. I hated so much of it but also loved it at the same time. It was two full days of walking. 16km the first and 22km the second. We walked through the jungle to a village and then back again. It rained most of the way and the leeches were out in full force. Nasty. I was covered in them but Danny got the worst of it out of everyone. The grass in the jungle is crazy. We felt like ants crawling trough someones front yard it was so tall! We saw two wild rhinos and a tiger and some deer. Now Im glad I did it but at the time I was miserable.

We stayed in this tiny village where I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. We drank beer and ate more Dal Baht than you could dream of and went to bed early. I have so many cuts, scrapes, blisters and leech scars on my feet and legs its disgusting. Im hoping everything will heal by the time I get back to New York otherwise Ill have to wear trousers and trainers the whole time Im there!

Haha. To make things even better, after trekking 22km the second day we had made arrangements to sleep in a tower in the jungle. We were all very tired, grumpy and hungry and the guide wanted us to go as soon as we got back. We all refused and insisted on real food and showers. We only got the first before we had to go.

The tower was horrible. Overpriced, dirty, filled with bugs and not enough space for all seven of us. I don't think it would have been so bad but we were tired and just wanted rest.

The next day we headed back into town where we sat in the same restaurant all day. We had three meals there and lounged around until late in the evening. Finn and I ran off to find tee shirts, and everyone else went to check the internet and to buy bus tickets and stuff but other than that we didnt leave for 24 hours! As a joke, Finn asked if we could sleep there and the waiters said yes! So we slept there!

Finn and I had a great time with a shop keeper trying to buy silly things. We were bargaining hard and he wouldnt budge! We finally offered him whiskey and he finally lowered his price! Haha. I love it.

Sleeping in the restaurant turned out to be a crazy idea. The waiters gave us a "special lassi" for free and tons of free beer. They watched porn with us and tried to make a dance party. It was all crazy fun. I have a new love of funk music and some memories that will last me quite a while.

Somewhere in all of that we had a dance party in a rooftop restaurant. The Nepali guy in the middle asked me at the end of all of it: "Sometime? Long love?" Hahahaha. He was really drunk and we all got a laugh out of it.

But my ass hurts and its already taken me three hours to do this much so youll have t wait for the rest of the photos until later! Dont worry, Ill upload them before I leave Nepal.