Friday, February 27, 2009

What A Fucking Bummer!!!

I have never in my life experienced prejudice like I did last night. It was a fucking bummer. Unfortunately i had already had a few glasses of wine so I couldnt or didnt want to get into a discussion with the girl\people. I knew that alcohol would only fan the flames so, believe it or not, I kept my mouth shut.

My being american was aparently an affront to the good nature of my little Finnish friend. Seriously? What a self rightous spoiled brat!

I dont understand the point of prejudice, racism, militance, etc. It doesnt really accomplish anything and spreading hate is just wrong. I am so over it! Why cant people just accept that everyone is different? You dont have to like me but insulting me pruely because of where I come from is childish and petty.

It pisses me off to know that this mentality exists everywhere.

The whole thing made me miss home and Paris a bit. I miss being with people who dont want to hurt one another just for the sake of being right. I miss tolerance and openness. It has taken me years to learn that everyone is different and I cant expect people to change because I want them to. I understand. But there is no excuse for being a racist and hating people.

While Im not the subject, (I may have written about this before, I cant remember) I am through with militance. Many of my sxe friends are militant and find it amusing to hate on people who are different (ie. choose to drink or do drugs). I have only one thing to say about that: What makes your hate and militance any different from a racists? I say this because I am tired of my radical thinking, anarchist, educated, straightedge friends acting like ass holes and liking it. I dont like the people Im staying with. Frankly they kind of discust me because of the life style they lead but they are still human. They still deserve respect and kindness even if they do drop acid almost every night of the week.

Lets not even start in on what people had to say about my vegetarian\veganism....

I want nothing to do with hate. Hate and anger have been a huge part of my life and it has done nothing but bring sadness and more hate and anger. It never accomplishes anything.

Anyway, overall my time here has been less than fulfilling. I am looking forward to leaving on Sunday to go to Madrid. Hopefully I will be staying with tolerant people. People who dont want to talk about Obama and how much ALL americans suck. The city is nice though.